Karen Akiens, JD, LLM, MBA
Jana Faye Bacarisse, JD
Kelly Bentley, JD
Gus Bernard, JD
Ray Black, JD
Karen Blomstrom, JD
David Bryant, JD

Barbara Calderon, JD
Hank Chamberlain, JD
Clarinda Comstock, JD
Rebecca Coulson, JD

Mike Coulson, JD

Louis Ditta, JD
Joy Eckelkamp, JD
Doug Edwards, JD
Scott Fiddler, JD
Jeannine Flynn, JD
Michael Fuqua, JD
Michele Goldberg, JD
Milton Havlick, JD

Frank Harmon, JD
Elizabeth Hilbun, JD

Suzanne Kornblit, JD
Mickey Lawrence, JD
Julia Lovorn, JD

Arelene Machetta, JD
Cameron McCulloch, JD
Bob McIntyre, JD
David Meredith, JD
Stephanie Mudgett Boates, JD
Jane Mumey, JD
Sara Patel Pacheco, JD

Grishma Patel, JD

Marcia Pevey, JD
Bridget Purdie, JD
Mike Riddle, JD
Bryant Russell, JD

Teresa Scardino, JD
Boone Schwartzel, JD
Gus Tamborello, JD
Virgil Vickery, JD
Jimmy Walker, JD
Lori A. Walsh, JD

Jim Wyckoff, JD
Jill Young, JD
Alan Ytterberg, JD


 “My strongest endorsement for Christine! She has the heart, the Christian family and life values, the integrity, the conservative judicial philosophy, the experience, the passion to serve, the educational foundation needed for this position! Please join me in supporting her!”  Norma Brady Jeter

“I have known Christine and her family for many years. She is a dedicated lawyer, devoted wife and mother of four children. Her conservative values, quiet leadership, careful deliberation, passion for service, and experience make her a perfect fit to serve as a probate judge.”  Valoree Swanson, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 7

“From the time my daughter, Christine, was a little girl she showed great inner strength, good judgement, and strong character. Christine is an outstanding attorney and will be an outstanding judge. However, please know she is a loving daughter, wonderful wife, and fantastic mother. Harris County will be blessed with her on the bench.”  Debbie Riddle, State Representative

“Your education, experience and upbringing make you the superior candidate for this position. It is my honor and pleasure to associate myself with your campaign. Good luck!!” Steven Finkelman, CFO Scope Imports, Inc.

 Judge Paul Pressler

Patricia Harless, State Representative

Allen Fletcher, State Representative

Glenda Bowles, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 6

Sheryl Berg, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 11

Larry Bush, Senatorial District Chair, District 7

Marvin Clede, Senatorial District Chair, District 17

Bonnie Lugo, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 13

Ned Watkins, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 15

Terese Raia, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 17

Rick Miller, Chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party

Alexander Shaskevich, Precinct Chairman, Precinct 32

Tom DeVor, Precinct Chairman, Precinct 34

Mr. Tom Zakes, Precinct Chairman, Precinct 586

Sam Herrera, Precinct Chairman, Precinct 009

Dr. Steven Hotze, President, Conservative Republicans of Harris County

William Drout, President, Cherry Tree Republicans

Joseph Menslage, President, Katy Christian Chamber of Commerce and President and Founder of Katy Christian Magazine


“I have known Christine since she was in law school. We were both mothers of toddlers at the time, and Christine continually amazed me with how she juggled being the most incredible wife, mother and student all at once. She never ceases to amaze me, now with 4 children, she is a successful attorney, and now running for Judge! I can think of no one better for the job. Christine has proved herself to be professional in every aspect of her life. She has strong Christian values, which I believe is necessary, especially in today’s world. Christine, you definitely have my endorsement! God Bless You!”  Laura Monteverde Forbes

“It was wonderful to see you and I felt so very proud as you explained your position and what you work towards as a probate judge!! I know you will win and continue to be an asset to our Houston community!! Love seeing the pictures of your precious kids!!! Will add endorsement!!”  Jean Himes, former Principal of Northland Christian School and Christine’s 4th grade teacher

Marilyn Boggs-Bailey

Gloria and David Bryant

Debbie and Ken Burnam

JoAnn and Donald Butts

Ann and Turner Butts

Tony Butts, DCM

Ranee and Brad Cress

Brady Gibson

Henrietta and John Haessly

Phyllis Holly

Connie and Chris O’Donnell

Johanna Phillips

Leslie and Scott Miller

Josie and Dylan Leetch

Deany Meinke

Sara and Gordon Scheele

Sharon Slover

Alvin Walker

Lisa Williams

Marie and Larry Youngblood

Tricia and Steve Szymczak

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Campaign Fundraiser
July 27th 5:30 to 7:30
Nino's Restaurant
2817 West Dallas Street
Houston, Texas  77019
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