My mission is to serve families in times of crisis in a thoughtful, compassionate, and deliberate way, whether that crisis involves the loss of a loved one, the need for a guardianship, or a mental health issue.


In November of 2010, after fourteen years of practice as a probate lawyer in Harris County, I was elected to serve as the judge of Probate Court 4. Probate judges in Harris County preside over probate, guardianship, and civil mental health cases.  In the past six years, Harris County Probate Court 4 has undergone the following enhancements designed to expand its service to the public:  

  • We all value transparency in government and Court 4 publishes on its website a list of court appointees, along with relevant information about such appointees, and the dates of appointment for each appointee.
  • Attorneys seeking ad litem appointments have an on-line portal through which to register with the court; and if registering attorneys have never been appointed in Court 4, the court offers a brief, informal but informative presentation by court staff.
  • The Guardianship Handbook was created and published.  It is now given to every person appointed as a guardian.  It is also available in Spanish.
  • The court offers a free Continuing Legal Education program every quarter
  • The Standards for Attorney Fees were updated and clarified
  • Attorneys may now obtain docket settings online
  • Helpful Guidelines designed to assist attorneys seeking help with less common probate procedures were published to the court’s website and are offered in the offices of the court free of charge
The changes set out above enable guardians to to more effectively help families care for their loved ones and enable attorneys to more efficiently serve families in crisis.

I was raised in Houston and graduated from Westfield High School. While in high school, I worked with my father, a probate lawyer, in his small law firm. I went on to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor of business administration degree. Soon after college, I married Donald Butts and studied law at the University of Houston. After graduating from law school, my father invited me to practice probate law with him. Serving clients in a private practice has enabled me to learn a great deal about probate, guardianship, and mental health issues. More importantly, private practice has given me a balanced perspective and view into how these issues impact families.

I ask for your support in my re-election campaign because I am dedicated to and experienced in serving those who must handle a probate, guardianship, or mental health matter. I hope I have earned your support!

Pol. Adv. Christine Riddle Butts Campaign, Michael C. Riddle, Treasurer, in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.

Campaign Fundraiser
July 27th 5:30 to 7:30
Nino's Restaurant
2817 West Dallas Street
Houston, Texas  77019
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